Pig and calf besties reunite after being apart

How best friends react when they see each other again after a time apart... Amos was neutered last Wednesday, and so he had to spend some time in the house. He did really well, and even very nearly allowed a belly rub. Progress! Although Amos is warming up to us, his heart belongs to his BFF Lionel, and vice versa. This is clear in the video--just look at how they reacted to seeing each other again! On one of our recent posts about Penny and Sparkles, a "farmer" argued with us, and with our supporters, saying that animals don't experience these sorts of emotions. She said this would be hard to understand for people who don't work with cows (meaning us). Well, as the largest bovine sanctuary in the United States, we do have a bit of experience with cows and other farmed animals. Only see, we don't view them as property or "things" to exploit for profit. Instead, we see them as the sentient, feeling individuals they are. And when you're open to that, and when you don't treat these animals as objects, you get beautiful moments like this. It was a privilege to witness this show of love between two best friends. I only wish more people, like this "farmer" were open to such experinces. Follow @crittercreekfarmsanctuary