Piers Morgan blasted for ‘misogynistic’ comments made about Madonna

Piers Morgan has been blasted by critics for “misogynistic” remarks he expressed about Madonna, ahead of her 40th anniversary world tour.

On Wednesday’s instalment of the broadcaster’s TalkTV chat show Piers Morgan Uncensored (18 January), Morgan, 57, claimed that the “Vogue” singer, 64, should be “put out to pasture” while calling her a “hot mess”.

He went on to criticise the way in which the musician announced Madonna: The Celebration Tour, the recently announced world tour that will visit 35 cities across the globe.

The singer announced the news in a video starring famous friends including Diplo, Jack Black, Lil Wayne, and Amy Schumer with a nod to her 1991 film Truth or Dare.

Morgan criticised the artist for her clothing choices and creative expression, citing her age.

He accused Madonna of “the whole trying to be a sex kitten thing when you’re in your sixties”.

The presenter brought up a series of explicit pictures the musician previously shared on social media.

Speaking to co-host Jeremy Kyle on the show, Morgan claimed: “I think she’s become the most grotesque, trainwreck embarrassment in the history of world entertainment.”

Viewers have called the ‘Piers Morgan Uncensored’ host to apologise for his ‘misogynistic’ comments (PA)
Viewers have called the ‘Piers Morgan Uncensored’ host to apologise for his ‘misogynistic’ comments (PA)

On social media, however, viewers were left shocked by broadcaster’s comments, which have been branded by some as “misogynistic”

The Independent has contacted representatives of Piers Morgan for comment.

“I think Piers should cover up his mouth, forget about whether older women should cover up their bodies,” tweeted one person.

Other viewers pointed out Morgan’s longstanding criticism of the “Hung Up” singer.

“Piers morgan making gross ageist remarks about Madonna is nothing new, considering that he’s been making gross ageist remarks about her since she was in her early thirties,” another tweeted.

The Britain’s Got Talent host previously called the musician an “attention-seeker” and “utterly ridiculous” in 2022, and has a track record of criticising the pop star for her outfit choices and public persona.

On Twitter, one person called for the broadcaster to “apologise for your misogynistic remarks about Madonna tonight calling her a ‘sweaty mess’ you hypocrite!”

While the TalkTV presenter claimed that he would speak the same about older male musicians, another Twitter user stated: “Would you say that about Mick Jagger or Rod Stewart etc…”

“Leave her alone!” wrote another. “Your hate is so personal, she is not really that into you...”