Photography festival ‘EXPOSURE+ PHOTO’ returns September 21 at 10 different KL locations

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 18 — The EXPOSURE+ PHOTO photography festival is set to return this Thursday, to highlight the works of Malaysian artists.

The festival will run from September 21 to October 1 over two weekends and at 10 different locations around Kuala Lumpur.

The venues will include art hubs like GMBB, REXKL, KLoé Hotel, The Zhongshan Building Kantata and Zontiga among others.

The festival programme will feature workshops, portfolio reviews, talks, presentations, photo walks and other photography activities open to the general public.

Co-founded by photographers Steven Lee and Nadirah Zakariya, the festival is an independent non-profit organisation, run in collaboration with partners and sponsors.

It aims to nurture and showcase the talents of Malaysian photographers through an international open call, this year’s edition being The Open Call 2023 launched in January under the theme A Different Light.

“The theme was chosen primarily because we wanted to choose a theme broad enough where it can be open to interpretation by different types of photography genre,” Nadirah said in a statement.

“We also wanted a theme that would attract fresh ideas and A Different Light is truly something that you could take anywhere depending on your interpretation or imagination”

Nadirah added that the festival allows photographers to express themselves visually through photography and video projects that resonate with audiences.

Lee said that he was glad to receive over 160 submissions and narrowed it down to 20 artists with an esteemed panel of judges.

The panel of renowned photographers included T3 Photo Festival Tokyo festival director Ihiro Hayami and Leica Fotografie International (LFI) magazine photo editor Carol Körting.

The 20 artists were selected for their representation of the theme and their compelling personal stories.

Lee thanked the festival’s longtime supporters and sponsors and invited the Malaysian public to experience the various photography works and programmes it has lined up this year.

For more information on the festival visit here.