This Photographer's Pictures From Inside The World's Most Beautiful Garden Are So Dreamy

Nathalie Kirby
Photo credit: Albert Dros

From House Beautiful

Like most things in the world right now, Keukenhof, one the world's largest flower gardens located in The Netherlands, is closed. But a park closure couldn't stop Dutch landscape photographer Albert Dros from capturing the sprawling fields of flowers anyway (don't worry, he didn't sneak in!).

As he tells Insider, Dros was given special permission to photograph the park, which normally hosts a since-cancelled tulip festival between the end of March and the beginning of May when the flowers are in full bloom. Though Dros tells Insider that he has visited the Keukenhof gardens once before, he says that he's always dreamed of photographing them without the distraction of tourists, a nearly impossible feat on a normal day.

Photo credit: Albert Dros

But Dros's dreams came true when he was given permission to visit the park sans tourists. "It was a beautiful sunny day and I was occasionally just stopping without taking any photos and just enjoying the silence. Taking it all in, hearing the birds sing, and the fountain of water. All the little things, it was just so relaxing," he tells Insider. "It's just beautiful as a whole, but it's also the little details. The paths, the swirls of flowers, the swans around the fountain. The whole thing is just magical. "

The results of Dros's solo photoshoot are stunning—he was even able to use a drone to capture aerial shots of the park. "Obviously, you can't fly a drone there when you're in the park with other people. But being there alone allowed me to take some drone shots to show the structure of some of the planting of the tulips," he says to Insider.

Photo credit: Albert Dros

Dros hopes that his photographs serve as a reminder of joy during this strange time. "Now that the park is closed this year, I hope to show the beauty of our flower garden to the people sitting at home. Sometimes people can get depressed, and with these colourful images I hope to show a little bit of color on a gray day."

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