Photographer Captures Crescent Moon Timelapse Over Space Needle

A Seattle-based photographer captured stunning footage of the crescent moon setting behind the city’s iconic Space Needle.

Sigma Sreedharan posted footage of the October 28 waxing crescent moon, with the footage retweeted nearly 5,000 times at the time of writing.

Explaining her process for the timelapse footage, Sreedharan wrote that it was “shot with Sony A7R4” using a “Sony 200-600mm lens at 600mm”.

Going into more detail for those who’d like to recreate something that captures the moon in such big, glorious detail, Sreedharan later tweeted, “It’s called lens compression, the effect of being far away from the foreground and using a long zoom lens, so that the objects in the background appears larger and closer.” Credit: Sigma Sreedharan via Storyful

Video transcript