Phones With Best Battery Life In 2024: iPhone 15 Plus, OnePlus 12, Galaxy S24 Ultra And More

Phones with best battery life 2024
Phones with best battery life 2024

In an age when our phones are breaking free from the shackles of mundane lives with ever-evolving smarter technologies, something as basic as battery stamina shouldn’t be a deterrent in keeping you from exploiting its full potential. What good are your smartphone’s advanced AI editing features if it can’t stay alive on its own? Thankfully, our list of the phones with the best battery life in 2024 recommends options that won’t give up on you easily.

Unlike most other listicles that simply suggest the phones with the best battery life based on battery capacity, we have taken care of other crucial factors like the power efficiency of the chipset, charging speeds and software optimisation.

Most importantly, we have chosen our smartphones from various categories and price brackets for this list to give you a wholesome idea of which product fits your bill. For example, we have something like the OnePlus Open representing the foldable segment and similarly, the Motorola Moto G54 doing the honours for the budget segment. We even have three iPhones on the list across various price points.

From the pocket-sized powerhouse slabs to the immersive foldable phones fueled by monstrous batteries, there’s a perfect match for everyone. Dive into our exploration of the 2024 battery life champions and find your next pocket mate.

Best battery life phones to buy in 2024

1 /10

Apple iPhone 15 Plus

Price: MYR 4,899

The iPhone 15 Plus delivers the best battery life of any smartphone we have seen so far. Despite having approximately the same battery capacity as the iPhone 15 Pro Max, the iPhone 15 Plus delivers exceptional battery life, courtesy of a standard 60Hz refresh rate OLED panel and Apple’s superb hardware-software optimisation.

With moderate usage that includes calling, social media browsing and camera usage, this iPhone can easily last up to two days on a full charge. Even with gaming involved, the stamina never drops below a single day, unless you are actively trying to kill it.

However, it takes over an hour to fill the battery to its brim with Apple’s 20W wired charger.

(Image Credits: Apple)

2 /10

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max

Price: MYR 6,499

Apple’s best smartphone also happens to deliver great battery life. Despite being loaded to the teeth with a highly capable triple rear camera system, a variable refresh rate display and several other advanced features, the iPhone 15 Pro Max with its large capacity battery can easily last an entire day and a half.

The variable refresh rate combined with the advanced 3nm A17 Pro chipset gives it the power efficiency advantage. The only downside is the tortoise-esque slow charging with Apple’s 20W wired charger.

(Image Credits: Apple)

3 /10

Apple iPhone 14 Plus

Price: MYR 4,399

For the price of a compact iPhone 15, you can have the mammoth-sized iPhone 14 Plus, which is another battery champion from Apple’s 2022-23 roster.

Despite featuring the older A15 Bionic chip and a slightly smaller 4,300mAh capacity battery, the iPhone 14 Plus can also deliver over a day and a half of stamina after a full charge. However, keep in mind that the iPhone 14 Plus comes with the older Lightning charging port and a dated display notch, both of which may age badly in comparison to the iPhone 15’s modernised design. You also have to deal with the slow 20W wired charging solution. 

(Image Credit: Courtesy Thai Nguyen via Unsplash)

4 /10

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Price: MYR 6,299

For a power-packed smartphone like the Galaxy S24 Ultra, it is surprising to witness it deliver impressively on battery life. Mating a 5,000mAh capacity battery with a highly efficient LTPO OLED display and the 4nm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset allows the Galaxy S24 Ultra to easily last over a day unless you are gaming vigorously or too engrossed in using its AI customisation features.

Similar to the iPhones though, you are restricted to a slow 45W wired charging system that takes over an hour to fill up the battery from dead to 100 per cent.

(Image Credits: Samsung)

5 /10

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5

Price: MYR 6,299

Despite being a large foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 from Samsung offers one of the best battery life performances in the premium segment. The average-looking 4,500mAh battery can deliver over a day’s battery stamina under moderate usage and even leave some juice for the next day. This is largely down to the mighty Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset and Samsung’s brilliant optimisation to make it sip power as efficiently as possible.

Sadly, the slow charging plague also affects the Fold 5, with its 25W wired charging making you wait over an hour at the sockets. 

(Image Credits: Augustman)

6 /10

OnePlus 12

Price: MYR 4,599

The OnePlus 12 is one of the very few smartphones on this list that not only offers a great battery life but also fills up the tank in the blink of an eye. Its 5,400mAh capacity battery can offer an entire day’s battery and if you are cautious with your usage, you can extract up to two days’ worth of stamina after a full charge. The 100W wired charging solution takes less than 30 minutes to top-up the battery from 0-100 per cent and even if you settle for the wireless charging system, you can do so in approximately 40 minutes. 

(Image Credits: OnePlus )

7 /10

OnePlus Open

The OnePlus Open is another foldable smartphone making it into the category of the phones with the best battery life. With a large 4,800mAh capacity battery, the Open can make it through an entire day with ease, whether you stick to the conventional cover display or the expansive folding main display.

A cherry on top is the inclusion of a 67W SuperVOOC fast charging system that can fill the battery from 0-100 per cent in under 45 minutes.

(Image Credits: OnePlus)

8 /10

Redmi Note 13 Pro Plus

Price: MYR 1,599

If you are looking for a phone with great battery life in the midrange segment, the Redmi Note 13 Pro Plus is a great option to consider. Announced in early 2024, this Redmi smartphone features a large 5,000mAh battery and a 120W wired charging system. Together, this combo allows the Redmi Note 13 Pro Plus to offer a full day’s worth of battery life and when the need to refill the battery arises, you need to wait around 20 minutes for the superfast charger to do its job. 

(Image Credits: Xiaomi)

9 /10

Samsung Galaxy M34 5G

For an affordable smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy M34 5G is a tremendous deal for someone who prioritises battery life over everything else. The 6,000mAh battery in this phone can easily offer up to two days of stamina on a full charge, which is also made possible due to a midrange Exynos 1280 chipset.

Sadly, the 25W wired charging system takes forever to recharge a massive battery of this size. Moreover, the low price also makes for a sub-par plasticky body, a dated waterdrop notch display and a bloatware-infested OS. 

(Image Credits: Samsung)

10 /10

Moto G54

Price: MYR 1,000

This is the most affordable smartphone on our list and yet it can match the rest of the pack as far as battery life is concerned. The massive 6,000mAh capacity battery on the Moto G54 along with the power-efficient Dimensity 7050 chipset and a well-tuned version of Android offers up to two days of battery life on a full charge, provided you are careful with your usage. When the need to refill the battery arises, you can rely on the Moto G54’s 33W wired charging system. 

(Image Credits: Motorola)