Phoebe Sin still wants to develop as an actress

26 Jun – Although she hasn't made her mark yet in the industry prior to marrying Ruco Chan and giving birth to their daughter, Phoebe Sin recently admitted that she is still interested to continue her career in showbiz.

As reported on On CC, the actress who has been working as a social media influencer ever since becoming a mother, shared that she intends to develop in front of the camera, though not now while daughter Quinta is still too young.

"When it comes to being a social media influencer, I have received a lot of offers to endorse beauty brands, parenting related products, and many more," she said.

This also includes an advertisement for a mosquito repellant product, which she filmed with Quinta.

"I want my daughter to be more exposed to people and to learn to communicate with others. I was very happy that she was calm throughout the whole thing and wasn't afraid of strangers," she added.

Asked if there is a plan to have another baby, Phoebe stated that they will go with the flow.

(Photo Source: Phoebe Sin Instagram)