Philips Hue's new Twilight lamp brings the sunrise or sunset into your bedroom

 Philips Hue Twilight Lamp in Bedroom.
Credit: Philips Hue

Philips Hue is setting its sights on your bedside table. Sure, many of us use smart bulbs or light strips that glow warmly at the end of the day or maybe in hues of blue and purple to settle in for a restful night.

Even so, Philips Hue is giving us another option with the $279.99 Twilight Lamp, and it's up for order now from the brand directly. It's a modern-looking lamp with two built-in LED sources – one at the top in the form of a side-to-side adjustable lampshade and the other on the rear.

Its main appeal is to recreate a sunrise or sunset in your bedroom, and it can glow extra bright or super dim thanks to the brand's "ColorCast" tech. With two light sources, you can have a warm glow on the front and paint the wall with a sunrise or sunset on the back. Of course, it can also function as a standard light and be customized via the Philips Hue app.

Perhaps most important, though, are the lamp's built-in buttons. A dedicated button on the top allows one press to trigger sleep automation, helping you get a better night's rest.

Like any other Philips Hue light or bulb, the Twilight lamp can integrate with a voice assistant or another smart home ecosystem such as Apple Home, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or Samsung SmartThings ... just make sure you have a Bridge.

Philips Hue Twilight Lamp in White
Philips Hue Twilight Lamp in White

The main advantage of getting a Twilight lamp over a standard Hue bulb and placing it in a lamp is the dual light sources and presets for creating a sunrise or sunset routine. With the latter, you can push the button on the top of the Twilight and watch as the light glows warm and eventually turns off, effectively engaging a sleep mode.

You can also use the top light and move it left or right, with a basic shade of white to help with reading, and also have the backlight paint the wall with color or a timelapse-like shade of hues.

Regarding the design of the Twilight lamp, Philips Hue is offering it in black or white with a cork base on the bottom. It'll also come with a color-matched power cable.

This new lamp joins a full lineup that includes the Hue Go Table Lamp, Iris Table Lamp, and Go portable accent lights. The Twilight is a bit more purpose-built and comes paired with these out-of-the-box modes, though.

Philips Hue is not the first to market with a sunrise or sunset lamp, as there are countless options on the market – including some that support audio playback and double as a white noise or sound machine like the Hatch Restore 2 or a Loftie.

Still, if you’re already in the Philips Hue ecosystem and have been waiting for a lamp that looks great, performs well, and can sync with other smart lights, Twilight is shaping up to be an excellent, albeit pricey, option.

If you're already sold, Philips Hue is taking orders now for the Twilight sleep and wake-up light in Black or White, both for $279.99.

Alongside this new lamp, Philips Hue is also rolling out a new Solo lightstrip in three sizes – 10-foot, 16-foot, and 33-foot – with a starting price of $69.99. You'll also find some new bulb packs and a new ceiling light, the Datura, that boasts two sources.

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