Philippines votes: Marcos family eyes return to power

STORY: Filipinos headed to the polls on Monday to elect a new president.

The son and namesake of the nation's former dictator, Ferdinand Marcos Jr, is tipped to win the vote, 36 years after his father was driven out of office in a "people power" uprising.

Marcos, popularly known as "Bongbong", is running against Vice President Leni Robredo.

She's a former human rights lawyer and staunch liberal who's pledged to improve education and welfare.

Marcos has presented no real policy platform but his presidency is expected to provide continuity from outgoing leader Rodrigo Duterte.

Opinion polls put Marcos ahead of his rival by more than 30 percentage points, while Duterte's daughter is tipped to win the vice presidency.

One voter told Reuters she hoped Filipinos would be discerning when choosing the next leaders.

"I hope people who are voting today are not being bought and that you vote because you know that the person you are voting for is the right leader. We Filipinos are facing a lot of hardships and we need a change of leadership, so I hope people will use their minds, their hearts and their intelligence to vote what is right."

Polls are due to close at 7pm local time and an unofficial vote count could give an indication of the winner within hours.

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