Pets dress up for Manila's Halloween costume show

STORY: Dozens of Filipino pet owners and their furry companions dressed up for an annual Halloween pet costume show in Manila on Sunday (October 30).

Some participants donned matching costumes with their pets, from iconic fairy tale characters to pop culture icons, in front of the crowd.

Student Kirsten Catindig joined the costume show to make friends with other pet owners along with her Pomeranian companion Butterscotch:

"She is one of the reasons why I am always happy after school, and why I have met new friends. I also met a lot of friends in this fashion show because of my pet."

Anna Cabrera, spokesperson of the Philippine Animal Welfare Society and organiser of the event, said:

"It's been two years since we held this event because of the pandemic, so naturally people are excited to go out with their pets and pets are part of the family after all, so they'd like to be able to bring their pets with them for Halloween stuff like trick-or-treating or parading in their best costumes, so I guess for that, the bonding moment that we offer for these events is priceless for pet owners."