Petronas Twin Towers apologises over viral Skybridge queue-jumping incident involving staff

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 6 — The Petronas Twin Towers visitors operation management has apologised over a queue-jumping incident involving its staff allowing a foreign couple priority access.

In response to the incident that went viral, it posted a statement on its Facebook page stating it took the matter seriously and is in the midst of investigations over the matter to ensure it does not happen again.

Social media had been abuzz over the episode after an individual known as Datuk Shamsuddin Nawawi took to Facebook to share his experience of the visit on Friday.

After purchasing his tickets at 11.30am for a 4pm slot for the 'first come first serve' access to the Twin Towers Skybridge, he said he returned at 2pm and settled in to wait patiently until 3.45pm, when they were allowed to queue for entry.

Shamsuddin posted that at 3pm a personnel, identified by his Petronas necktie, approached the able-bodied foreign couple who had just arrived to ask about their slot.

He claimed that the staff member then winked at the couple and signalled them to proceed and bypass the queue.

Shamsuddin said when confronted about the matter, the individual replied that they had the authority to determine who to prioritise.

As he raised his voice, the officer then said, “give me a minute to explain” and said he would call on Shamsuddin after.

Dissatisfied, he said he would take to social media about the incident, to which another officer then said, “Up to you Encik. Report to the management don't post it on Facebook. Be a little bit more professional.”