Petrolheads, get your adrenaline pumping at Singapore’s second go-kart race track

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PHOTO: The Karting Arena
PHOTO: The Karting Arena

Singapore residents do get the short end of the stick when it comes to local tourism, don't we? Take the adrenaline seekers amongst us, for instance. During these trying times where travel is but a distant dream, we are denied access to the glorious mountains, white water rafting, sky diving, canyoning, shipwreck diving, cliff jumping and other adventure sports in Southeast Asia. The suspension of the Formula One race in Singapore with the ongoing pandemic is another downer.

Sure, we have bungee jumping, the Luge, zipline, iFly, Halloween nights, and roller coaster rides to look forward to. Been there, done that? What other thrill-seeking adventures are there in Singapore? Adrenaline junkies, you are going to love this! The opening of the second go-karting race track, The Karting Arena in Jurong, may give motoring enthusiasts one new venue to get excited about!

Can my friends and I try it out if we do not have driving licenses? Are my friends and I able to get certified professionally? How young can a child start karting? Is it safe for those without driving licenses? For those curious about what The Karting Arena has to offer, Yahoo Life SEA spoke with Mr Paul Lee, Director of Operations of The Karting Arena, to gain some insights for those considering giving the sport a try.

PHOTO: The Karting Arena
PHOTO: The Karting Arena

What’s the difference between the two tracks in Bukit Timah and Jurong? Which should my friends and family go for?

Paul: The track at Bukit Timah is for electric go-karts, while the one in Jurong operates with petroleum-powered go-karts. The main differences between the two are the torque and the acceleration sounds produced by the combustion of petroleum engines versus the hum of an electric motor. 

The 700 metre Karting Arena at Jurong offers a full-fledged karting experience designed to host professional race events. It is also the only track in Singapore with a minimum width of 10 metres for karters can race with peace of mind. Soon, we will be offering double seater fun karts for all to enjoy. At The Karting Arena, our goal is to provide a full-fledged experience with electric and petroleum karts.

I'm excited, but my BFF/spouse is hesitant. Any advice to those who are first-time karters?

Our track at The Karting Arena Jurong is welcoming for beginners or first-timers with regulated speed limits. At the same time, it is designed to challenge and allow for exciting side-by-side racing for experienced racers as well. All karters will go through a safety briefing on top of other safety measures implemented at our venue. Understanding race lines and braking points would be the first step to conquering the track. Then, of course, courage and grit would help, but at The Karting Arena, it is all about having a good time in the safest possible manner. As long as you share the same passion, we welcome anyone from all walks of life and age groups.

PHOTO: The Karting Arena
PHOTO: The Karting Arena

Are go-karts family-friendly? How young can my child start?

Karters as young as four years old (minimum one metre tall) can start karting with a minimum entry age of 7 years old for competitive racing. With the opening of The Karting Arena Jurong, we hope to spread the karting passion to many more to enjoy karting as a competitive and endurance race motorsport.

Is there such a thing as a professional karter?

Karting is the gateway to professional motorsports, and many have progressed from karting into other race divisions. We hope to develop our homegrown international race talent that can represent Singapore someday. There will be opportunities for young racers in the form of championships and training with experienced mentors and race teams – and eventually, be the hub for national and international races in Singapore. We are also very excited to share that we are in the final stages of setting up an academy and launching a curriculum very soon. Just speak with any of our friendly reps at The Karting Arena to find out more!

What does it take to become a professional karter?

Three essential traits to have to engage in karting professionally are dedication, discipline and mental strength.

- Dedication: It requires a lot of time on the track practising the skills imparted by your coach or mentor. Just like any form of sports, the more you train, the better you get.

- Discipline because it is not just about obeying the race's regulations and respecting fellow race drivers on the track but remembering race lines and having the discipline to be consistent and focused on improving lap times and correcting errors whilst driving on the track.

- Mental strength helps you control your race and outsmarting drivers who are of the same speed as you.

PHOTO: The Karting Arena
PHOTO: The Karting Arena

What steps have The Karting Arena Jurong taken to ensure the safety of the young and old, especially during the pandemic?

We have spent a significant amount of time and investment to design our track during a COVID-induced era to bring our Jurong track alive. All our equipment is brand new, extending to our go-karts, tarmac, helmets, track lights, and race facilities. A noteworthy safety feature is our self-designed helmet disinfecting and drying station between race sessions. Our track also has CCTV cameras around the track to ensure a safe driving experience.

From the initial planning stage, we have designed the flow such that guests have a seamless experience from registration, waiting area to the time they leave the track to avoid crowding. All entry points into the venue feature both facial recognition and thermal scanning as mandatory prerequisites for entry.

Whether you wish to try out something new for fun with friends and family or aim to compete professionally in go-karting, visit for more information.

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