New Peter Jackson ‘Beatles’ film in the works with Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr collaborating

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Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, July 21 — Sir Peter Jackson and The Beatles are getting back together for a new film.

In an exclusive interview with Deadline, the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit director revealed that he was working with Sir Paul McCartney and Sir Ringo Starr on a new Beatles project.

"I’m talking to The Beatles about another project, something very, very different than Get Back,” Jackson told Deadline.

"We’re seeing what the possibilities are, but it’s another project with them. It’s not really a documentary ... and that’s all I can really say.”

Jackson’s 2021 streaming series, The Beatles: Get Back earned five Emmy nominations including Outstanding Documentary, Outstanding Picture Editing, and Outstanding sound mixing.

The 2021 documentary series follows the Fab Four creating songs for their 1969 rooftop performance which would be recorded in the 1970 album Let it Be.

Jackson unearthed 57 hours of video shot by director Michael Lindsay-Hogg for the 1970 documentary Let it Be and restored and created a 7.5 hour series for Disney+.

Being an avid fan of the Beatles, Jackson painstakingly ensured to keep moments that he knew superfans have waited decades to see.

"I went rogue, and without telling anybody — Apple Corps, Disney or The Beatles — I decided to put scenes in that we’d pulled out,” Jackson said

"I did it because, as a Beatles fan, there was a lot of material where I’d have felt it was wrong from the point of view of musical history for it to go back into the vault.”

Jackson had no regrets spending four years of his career on the project, which enabled him to live out an unforgettable ‘fanboy’ moment.

In the lead-up to McCartney’s 2022 Glastonbury concert, the director suggested that McCartney use John Lennon's isolated vocals during the rooftop performance of I've Got a Feeling in his recent Glastonbury concert.

An idea which McCartney agreed to within 10 minutes, saying it was fantastic.

Jackson also revealed that he was working on another complicated large narrative film, admitting it may take longer to complete due to developing the technology required.

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