Pete Davidson reveals ‘excuse’ Kim Kardashian gave when he asked for her number

Pete Davidson revealed the “excuse” that Kim Kardashian used the first time that he asked her for number.

The 28-year-old comedian made his first appearance on The Kardashians during this week’s newest episode, which was filmed in May. While he’s not dating Kardashian anymore, the episode still featured them getting ready for and walking the red carpet at the Met Gala.

As the duo were in their New York City hotel room, Davidson brought up how at the last Met Gala, in September 2021, he’d asked the reality star for her number. He said that she gave him “an excuse” to turn his request down.

“Remember when I asked for your number at the last Met and you pretended that you couldn’t give it to me because you had gloves on?” the former Saturday Night Live cast member said.

Kardashian remembered the moment and said: “I know. Will you ask me again this time? I don’t have gloves on.”

After Davidson said that he would ask Kardashian for her number again, he reflected on their September 2021 encounter and how the Skims founder was “really sweet” to him.

“It was actually the nicest excuse ever,” he said. “I knew it was an excuse, but I remember being in the car being like, ‘Wow, she knows how to, like, make someone feel really good about themselves.’ I thought that was really sweet.”

“You were like: ‘Oh I’m sorry I can’t give you my number I have gloves on,’” he added.

The business mogul was touched by her now-ex’s statement and said: “Aww. Had only I had known.”

The news of Kardashian and Davidson’s split first broke in August after dating for nine months. According to a source who spoke to E! at the time, they had “a lot of love and respect for each other” but their schedules “made it really difficult to maintain a relationship”.

During a conversation with Interview Magazine published one month after the breakup, Kardashian shared her well-wishes for Davidson and said that she was “excited” to see what his future holds.

“He’s a cutie. He’s literally such a good person, they don’t really make them like him anymore. I’m excited for what he has coming up,” the KKW Beauty founder said.

Regarding what’s next for her dating life, Kardashian also revealed in September that she was “happy single” and wasn’t really looking for a new relationship.

“I think I need some time to myself and to focus, finish school, all that,” she said on The Late Late Show with James Corden, at the time. “But I think my next route, I feel like I have to ... go to different places. Clearly, it’s not working, whatever I’m doing.”

While Davidson hasn’t publicly discussed his love life, he made headlines earlier this week when rumours first sparked about him dating model Emily Ratajkowski.