What did Pete Carroll throw as a challenge flag: Hand warmer or flip phone? Or something else?

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Look, there's a lot happening in an NFL game, and if you're the head coach, you've got a whole lot to keep in mind at all times. Sometimes, when you want to throw the challenge flag, you end up throwing ... something else:

(CBS Sports)
(CBS Sports)

Yes, that's Pete Carroll, Seattle Seahawks head coach, just throwing the first thing he could find in his pocket as a way to challenge a call on the field ... and it worked! Well, the challenge request worked. The challenge — of a fumble on the field — didn't go Seattle's way, much like the game, a 17-0 defeat to the Green Bay Packers.

A couple notes: 

  • What exactly is that thing? It sure looks like a flip phone, but it could also be an electric hand warmer that you can buy on Amazon. (Which would be useful, given that the temperature at halftime in Green Bay was a nippy 35 degrees.) Or maybe even a rich-guy car key or a garage door opener! The mystery persists. 

  • Later replays indicated that the flag was actually in Carroll's right pocket. Easy enough mistake, right? 

  • If we were laying odds on what Carroll would have thrown onto the ground instead of the flag, "hand warmer" would have been an upset winner at +800, above iPhone (+400), keys (+100), flip phone (-150), gum (new, -500) and gum (used, -1200). 

That toss marked the most interesting moment of the first half for Seattle, which trailed Green Bay at halftime by the riveting score of 3-0.

"Pete. You can't throw that as a challenge flag." (Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
"Pete. You can't throw that as a challenge flag." (Stacy Revere/Getty Images)


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