Pet taxi transports furry friends across Cairo

This is a pet-only taxi service

Location: Cairo, Egypt

Bahaa el-Din Magdy Saleh and his wife Hebatallah Adel Solaiman

launched 'Aleefcom Paxi' in late 2020

It offers rides for all pets

from dogs and cats to monkeys and reptiles

Pet walking services are also available

(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) CO-FOUNDER OF PET TAXI SERVICE, HEBATALLAH ADEL SOLAIMAN, SAYING:"We wanted to offer this service in Egypt because it was unavailable, and at the same time we want pets to move without restrictions and not carried around in cages. There must be a friendly and loving attitude with pets, so when they see us again next time, they will love us and recognize the people they are leaving with. We also want to ease the hassle of transportation for people."