Pet Owner Discovers“ ”His Cat with a Disability Climbed Halfway Up a Canyon Mountain: 'Nothing Stops Penny'

He explained in the video that the black cat has "cerebellar hypoplasia," which "makes her a little wobbly and off balance"

<p>Getty</p> A stock image of a cat


A stock image of a cat

Nothing can keep a curious cat down.

In a viral video that has attracted more than 9 million likes since March 30, TikTok user morleykert is shocked to find his cat Penny, who has a disability that makes her “wobbly and off balance,” halfway up a canyon mountain.

The video started off showing a woman’s shocked face from inside a van as she looked at the canyon landscape and spotted the feline relaxing on a rock formation. The camera then turned and zoomed toward the unbothered black cat.

“Oh my God. Penny, what are you doing? She’s literally up a canyon wall,” the man could be heard saying while laughing in the video. He wrote over the video, “When your disabled cat decides to hike a mountain.”

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He then cut to a shot of Penny attempting to descend from her spot. She could be seen tripping a few times over her own paws. He explained that the feline has “cerebellar hypoplasia,” which “makes her a little wobbly and off balance.”

According to Blue Pearl Vet, the disorder can also cause an animal to have sudden jerky movements and uncoordinated motion. The disorder happens when a pregnant cat mother has the feline panleukopenia virus and passes it on to her offspring, per Blue Pearl Vet.

“But that doesn’t stop her from exploring everywhere she can” the TikTok user added, while showing Penny continue to, slowly but surely, walk down from the canyon mountainside.

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The woman could be heard telling Penny, “Good girl,” as she made it down, and seen giving her a small container full of treats. The videographer then told her, “Penny, you are incredible,” with the woman adding, “She’s unstoppable.”

The TikTok user echoed those sentiments in the caption for the video, writing, “Nothing stops Penny.”

Since the video was uploaded, it has captured the eyes of a whopping 44.5 million viewers on the social media platform, with more than 600,000 bookmarks and 27,000 comments — including from many who were impressed with the cat’s courage.

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“Penny wanted to prove something there,” one TikTok user commented, while another jokingly said, “I think she may have been a mountain goat in a past life.”

Several others encouraged the TikTok poster to get Penny a “hawk vest,” which is a vest for a pet to wear that “creates a shield that is extremely difficult to puncture,” according to the product’s website. One person wrote, “hawk vest please. It will save their life.”

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