Pet dog rescued after getting nose stuck in can of glue in Thailand

A pet dog was rescued after getting its mouth stuck inside a can of superglue. The hapless pooch, named Namkhing, was wandering around the family's garage when it started sniffing the tub on July 19. But when it went to pull its nostrils away, the the solvent was stuck to its mouth. Namkhing was then found scampering round the garden in Chonburi, eastern Thailand. The dog's owner, Vee, took the pooch to the local animal shelter asking for help taking its mouth out of the hardened glue can. Footage shows the rescuers carefully cutting the tin can open so they could remove it from the dog's mouth. The relieved owner said her dog was clumsy and was likely trying to sniff the solvent but became stuck. She said: "My pet is such a curious dog who loves running around and sniffing things. "Earlier today he ran to me and had a can on his mouth. I tried to pulled it but it was stuck tight so I brought him to the rescue team."