Pet cat comes face-to-face with wild bobcat through glass door in Arizona, US

A pet cat had a face-to-face encounter with a wild bobcat through a glass door at its home in Arizona, US. Emily Cain filmed as her cat Rox peered through the glass to see a wild bobcat staring back at him. Cain told Newsflare: "Like most cats in Tucson, he’s a strictly indoor cat due to the wildlife here that includes coyotes, snakes, bobcats and mountain lions. "My neighbourhood is a little outside of town close to the Tucson Mountains, and there is an arroyo, or wash, behind my house, meaning that I have a good chance of seeing animals travel between the arroyo and neighbourhood. "Any animal that is small enough can get into my fenced backyard or can jump my fence as the bobcat did. "Now that it’s getting warmer, I’ve also had two diamondback rattlesnake sightings this year. "I have seen all the wild animals I listed above near my home, except for a mountain lion. I’ve also seen deer, tarantulas, and scorpions." This footage was filmed on April 6.