Peruvians react to military deployment in Lima

Peru's decision to deploy troops in its capital, Lima, this week has some there on edge.

The Armed Forces entered Lima and its outskirt city, Callao, to support the police in fighting a “significant increase” in crime in recent months.

Lima local, Mateo Robles, said it reminds him of the country’s violent period under dictator Alberto Fujimori in the 1990s.

"It would be a risk to have the Armed Forces on the streets because for any reason, any citizen could be considered a criminal. I had bad experiences in the 90s, when the Armed Forces would take us down, hitting us with gun butts, in any place we were at, and they would not respect human rights and public security."

Peruvian police have reported an increase in crimes like drug trafficking, illegal possession of weapons, and robberies.

One resident agreed with the government’s measure to deploy security forces.

"The criminals don't respect anyone, so what do we want? Deaths to continue, femicide, the crime wave that sweeps the streets to continue?... I think that those who oppose it are part of the problem in the end.”

Human rights organizations have rejected the resolution and warned that soldiers should not be used for social control.

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