Peruvian zoo welcomes two endangered leopards

The leopards made their public debut earlier this week but they have been at the zoo since late last year.

The felines, a female and a male, arrived at the Parque de las Leyendas Zoo in Lima in December and were in quarantine for 15 days.

"After a rigorous quarantine period, we have been able to determine that they are already healthy," said Giovanna Yepez, deputy manager of Parque de las Leyendas.

The animals were caught on camera exploring their enclosure for the first time on Tuesday (January 11) as visitors were delighted with the zoo's newest sensation.

The male weighs 43.7 kg (about 96.3 lbs), and the female at 37.2 kg (around 80 lbs).

The International Union for Conservation of Nature has classified leopards as an endangered species due to the illegal trade of their fur.

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