Peruvian gas firm uncovers 600-year-old mummy

STORY: This 600-year-old mummy was

unearthed by a Peruvian gas company

and this isn't their first discovery

Location: Lima, Peru

The firm has found 1,700

archaeological remains in the past decade

like mummies, ceramics and

even ancient burial sites

under old roads, pavements, and houses

(Cecilia Camargo, Archaeologist)

"We have more than 400 archaeological sites within the urban area. The people who used to live in these places were buried in the surroundings where we live now and are buried. Calidda (Peruvian gas company) has dug up almost all the streets of Lima and Callao when it built the gas distribution network and has gradually unearthed all this ancient history of the capital."

Finding ruins and remains in

construction sites is common in Peru

Lima alone has some 400 'huacas'

or archaeological ruins