In Peru, marches to dissolve Congress spark clashes

STORY: The CGTP union organized the march in the capital Lima to defend workers’ rights and to call to fight corruption, as they asked to dissolve the Congress and a new constitution.

Left-wing Castillo, who is turning one year in office on Thursday, is facing five different criminal probes, including one for alleged obstruction of justice.

The march took place one day after Bruno Pacheco, a former senior adviser to Castillo, handed himself in to authorities after months on the run amid a corruption investigation, the country's attorney general said on Tuesday.

The CGTP’s secretary, Geronimo Lopez, said they were against corruption wherever it may be.

Clashes with riot police took place when the agents tried to disperse a face-off with a minority group defending Castillo’s government, including members of Peru’s rondas campesinas central.

The march took place in the lead-up of Peru’s national holiday, when Castillo is scheduled to address the nation in his first anniversary in office, on Thursday.

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