This Persona 4 themed Nitro Deck from Limited Run Games is perfect for your next playthrough

 Persona 4 Golden Nitro Deck.
Persona 4 Golden Nitro Deck.

If you’re searching for the perfect peripheral to use on your next playthrough of Persona 4 Golden, then this limited edition Nintendo Switch accessory might be just up your street.

Recently revealed on the Limited Run Games website, the Persona 4 Golden Nitro Deck is a special version of the superb Nitro Deck controller from CRKD. As the name would suggest, it comes with a neon yellow outer shell that has been adorned with a bright Persona 4 Golden themed graphic.

While the game has been available on modern platforms for some time digitally, the announcement of this swanky gamepad comes hot off the heels of the reveal of a new limited edition physical run of the game (also from Limited Run Games) for both PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Although Persona 5 enjoys the lion’s share of public attention, its predecessor was still an incredible RPG that helped bring the Persona series into the mainstream. We're certainly glad that this iconic murder mystery is finally getting the love that it deserves, potentially giving new fans the chance to experience it for the very first time.

If you’re not familiar with the Nitro Deck, it is an absolutely fantastic handheld grip that we branded “an essential Nintendo Switch accessory” in our recent review. A more comfortable and sturdy way to play in handheld mode, we were hugely impressed by its durable design and high-quality hall-effect analogue sticks that not only feel great but are completely impervious to drift.

As my personal Nintendo Switch controller of choice, I can attest to its brilliance. It’s so good that I’m even considering picking up this new model as a spare. If you do want to buy, however, you have to act quickly as the Persona 4 Golden Nitro Deck is available to pre-order from the Limited Run Games website where it is limited to just 1,000 available units worldwide.

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