'Person detected': Doorbell camera alerts US homeowners to terrifyingly huge snake

A woman in Tennessee got a strange caller late at night on her doorbell camera, as a large snake slithered inches from the lens up her doorframe. The homeowner, Christi Krizman, commented: "My husband and I were watching TV around 11:00pm on May 17 when we get a notification from the security system that someone is at the front door. It’s usually nothing, so I casually check the camera and almost throw my phone across the room. All I see is large scales sliding up the camera. I gasped and my husband jumped up, ready to defend the house. I’m not sure what I said, but I’m pretty sure I just kept saying “SNAKE” repeatedly with no context. I ran to the door and he ran to get a broom. Once we realized it was just a big rat snake, I caught my breath, went outside, and took pictures because otherwise, no one would have believed me. Nose to tail, he was between 4'-5'.