Perkasa blames ‘touch a dog’, Oktoberfest for tornadoes

Perkasa blames ‘touch a dog’, Oktoberfest for tornadoes

Right-wing Malay group Perkasa has suggested that “widespread vice” in Malaysia, including “alcohol and dog-petting festivals”, had triggered the unusual tornadoes that have wreaked havoc in the country.

“What has caused tornadoes to be interested in coming to this country when all this while it has never been interested to do so,” the Selangor chapter of the group asked in a Facebook post.

“In the past, we only hear of it hitting the South China Sea and even if it does hit, it would be to Vietnam or the Philippines.

“Could it have something to do with the widespread vice, such as gambling centres, prostitution, beer and dog-petting festivals which have become an attraction?”

Last Sunday’s “I want to touch a dog” event, which attracted more than 1,000 Malaysians of all faiths, drew flak from numerous Muslim clerics who said it was an insult to Islam.

The annual Oktoberfest beer festival also ignited a storm of controversy among Muslims, particularly PAS and Umno leaders.

In its posting, Perkasa urged the public to reflect on the “truth” behind the disasters that had hit the country, adding that only Allah knew the truth.

Facebook users who commented on the post agreed that the tornadoes must be a reminder from God that He was unhappy with the recent developments in Malaysia.

“When vice is widespread, then Allah will unleash his wrath. When Islam is toyed by those who claim to be champions of the religion, then the disasters will be greater,” said Mohd Azizan Ismail.

“Oh God, we have learned from the tsunami so let us pray that the disaster does not repeat itself,” said Jamal Paktongkol Saudagar Unta.

A tornado struck a village in Pendang, Kedah, on October 14, leaving eight houses damaged while a week later, another struck Pandamaran, Klang, damaging 30 homes. – October 23, 2014.