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'No more neck pain': Travelers swear by this handy phone mount, and it's on sale for $11

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Excuse us for telling you something you already know, but: Your phone is an air-travel lifesaver. How else do you stave off boredom when you're stuck on the tarmac during an interminable delay or enduring hour 12 of a trans-Pacific journey? The problem is that you can only keep your poor neck craned down for so long before vertebral agony sets in. Well, here's help: This phone mount from Perilogics is designed to attach to the back of the plane seat in front of you, making it easy to watch even epic-length movies without pain.

Air travel's torturous enough on your spine; don't exacerbate the situation! This handy-dandy device will keep the ache away — and it's just $11.
$11 at Amazon

The mount attaches to the back of the tray table in seconds, and it's equally easy to snap off and stuff back in your bag when the flight is done. But, given that it can be clamped onto any object up to 1.5 thick, you can use this mount even if you aren't on a plane. For instance, at the gym when you want to watch workout videos and make sure your form is right.

The mount also moves 360 degrees to help you find the perfect viewing angle — just adjust it until you've got a clear line of sight with no glare. The best part? This little guy is compatible with a huge range of phone sizes, ranging from an iPhone Mini to an iPhone 14 Pro Max and even the Samsung Note 20 Plus.

This phone mount is ideal for on-the-go use. (Photo: Amazon)
Hey, we love the troposphere as much as the next guy, but it doesn't exactly make for riveting viewing. So you'll want to shut that shade, clamp this on and get bingeing. (Photo: Amazon)

"This was one of the many products I bought for our international flight that my husband said I didn’t need…well, during our 17-hour flight (the second flight out of six) he took my phone holder after his arms got tired binge-watching his show. Then I got to gloat in his face that I made a smart purchase! I’m taking this phone holder on every vacation!" said one frequent traveler.

"This is an airline travel game changer," said one fan. "Saw this item on a 'best travel gadgets' online link. Bought two just before an airline trip. This little item is fantastic. Able to hold my phone for watching videos while flying, and is so versatile I was able to clip it in multiple ways to adjust for tray up, tray down, etc. Best money spent on a travel accessory ever. I will never travel by plane again without this little but incredible accessory. Plan to buy them for family Christmas presents next year for everyone."

Available in black, lavender and pink. Color us impressed.
$11 at Amazon

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