“Perfect Match: ”Jessica Vestal Calls Out Harry Jowsey for Acting Like a 'Whole-A-- Fool' After He Admits to 'Hurting' Her

After Harry Jowsey admits to going behind Jess Vestal's back and flirting with Melinda Melrose, she tells him, "You know who feels bad for you? No one. You are a grown a-- man. You are responsible for you"

Jessica Vestal is not settling for anything less than the best when it comes to her relationship with Harry Jowsey on Perfect Match.

In the newest batch of episodes from the Netflix's hit second season, Jess, 29, and Harry, 27, have a frank conversation after he reveals that his actions earlier in the day may upset her.

In particular, Harry confesses that his flirtatious behavior with fellow star, Too Hot to Handle’s Melinda Melrose, could be misread by the Love Is Blind alum, who he's been paired up with since Jess entered the villa.

"Let's talk," Jess begins in the clip as she privately confronts Harry in a bedroom. "What did you do? Who did you do it with?”

But Harry quickly reassures her that the interaction “wasn't anything,” explaining that Melinda, 31, was barefoot on a stone pathway and he offered to carry her.

“I know that was not okay,” he tells Jess. “I'm upset about hurting you. That's all.”

<p>Courtesy of Netflix</p> Jessica Vestal, Harry Jowsey in season 2 episode 4 of "Perfect Match."

Courtesy of Netflix

Jessica Vestal, Harry Jowsey in season 2 episode 4 of "Perfect Match."

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Jess doesn’t absolve him of his actions and replies, “So you already know that you've hurt me?” as Harry promptly agrees, “Yeah, 100%.”

Jess then proposes they have a proper conversation about what occurred and how they’re both feeling. Once the couple sits down, with Harry alone in the bed and Jess across from him in a chair, he asks, “What did you do? Why are you so angry?”

She instantly replies, “Why am I so angry? Why would I be angry because of my actions? I'm not in the bed crying.”

Harry, who’s diverted his eye contact, looks directly back up to her and interjects, “Yeah, I was crying. Jess, I was freaking the f--- out!"

<p>Courtesy of Netflix </p> Melinda Melrose in season 2 episode 6 of "Perfect Match."

Courtesy of Netflix

Melinda Melrose in season 2 episode 6 of "Perfect Match."

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But Jess has had enough and snaps on him. “You know what? You know who feels bad for you? No one,” she yells. “You are a grown a-- man. You are responsible for you. And you want to look at me and I'm supposed to feel bad for you?"

Harry interjects, saying, "I'm not asking you to feel bad for me. I was worried about what the f--- you were doing today."

However, that didn't seem to help his case either as Jess hit back, "So then you just gave yourself a pass to act [like] a whole a-- fool and embarrass both of us?”

Though Harry quickly clarifies he was only "carrying someone to the toilet," Jess isn't convinced by his words.

“How would you feel if I came back and relayed the same thing to you? Do you want anyone else, touching me? You want people carrying me? Do you want me to look at you and say, ‘I know you're going to be disappointed in my behavior.’ Do you want me to say that?” she asks, as Harry answers "no" to each question.

When he finally says "whatever," Jess powerfully concludes, “Whatever. Loyalty means, like, a little something to me. And I wish that you could say the same.”

<p>Courtesy of Netflix </p> Harry Jowsey and Jessica Vestal in season 2 episode 7 of "Perfect Match."

Courtesy of Netflix

Harry Jowsey and Jessica Vestal in season 2 episode 7 of "Perfect Match."

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Perfect Match follows singles from Netflix's reality shows, including Too Hot to Handle, Love Is Blind, Dated and Related, and The Circle, who are in search of love. Contestants will couple up and test a potential spark through compatibility challenges, which grant the winners an opportunity to bring in new singles to shake up the competition. In the end, only one couple will be crowned the “Perfect Match.”

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Episodes 1-9 of Perfect Match season 2 are now streaming on Netflix, and the finale will drop on Friday, June 21.

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