Perfect Dark Actually Looks Incredible In Gameplay Reveal

Screenshot: Kotaku / Xbox
Screenshot: Kotaku / Xbox

Xbox’s upcoming revival of Perfect Dark finally revealed a first look at its gameplay and it actually looks pretty great. The fluid first-person shooter will blend high-end technology with agile movement to make for a satisfying spy fantasy. The game is being developed by The Initiative as well as Crystal Dynamics.

The exciting reveal gives us our first real look at Joanna Dark as she infiltrates a city in search of a man named Daniel Carrington. Throughout, we get to see Joanna using her spy equipment to grab voice prints which she then later uses to access a door. She seems especially nimble in this reboot of Perfect Dark, as well, sliding, jumping across rooftops and wall-running at certain points with impressive fluidity.

After she gets caught by Carrington’s forces, the gameplay trailer treats us to some first-person action. Joanna comes equipped with a pistol that fires paralyzing rounds and equipment that lets her see enemy outlines through walls. She also appears to have context-sensitive execution-type moves, including a moment where she jumps from a ledge onto a guard and then takes them out with the butt of their own rifle.

The Perfect Dark reboot follows Joanna Dark in a world that’s bordering on literal ecological collapse. Throughout the game, she will be pursuing Daniel Carington, who’s the world’s most wanted criminal and likely responsible for some of the ecological damage that Joanna seems keen to undo. By the looks of it, she will be very well equipped with spy gadgets to take him on.

Here’s the trailer of Perfect Dark’s gameplay reveal:

Perfect Dark was announced back in 2020 and has been noticeably absent from showcases over the years. Reportedly, the game has run into several issues while in development, which eventually led to Crystal Dynamics gettingbrought on to aid in the game’s development and get it out the door. It seems like the help was well worth it from our first look at Perfect Dark, and it probably won’t be too long until we get our hands on it, though Xbox still hasn’t provided a release date or window.

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