Perak tables record RM1.35b budget for 2024, to focus on economy and public welfare

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

IPOH, Dec 1 — Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Saarani Mohamad today tabled the State Budget 2024 totalling RM1.35 billion — the highest in the state’s history — mostly focusing on driving economic growth and public prosperity.

While continuing the theme of “Perak Makmur, Rakyat Sejahtera” under the Perak Sejahtera 2023 plan, Saarani said the state has allocated RM491 million for development expenditure while RM857 million for operating expenditure.

“The Budget maintains five main focuses as per this year, People’s Wellbeing, Governance of State-Owned Projects, Environmental Sustainability, Human Capital and Youth Development, and Food Security,” he told a press conference after tabling the budget.

Saarani also said the state has increased the allocation for development purposes by RM96 million compared to 2023, with most of it being channelled for infrastructure development and people’s welfare initiatives.

While being aware of the uncertainty of the current economic situation, Saarani said that the government has allocated RM384.1 million to implement various programs for the welfare of the people to make the public self-sufficient.

“With the uncertain economic climate and pressure on the lives of the people of Marhaen, the current rate of assistance from the Department of Social Welfare worth RM300 will be increased to RM400 starting from January 2024.

“The state also agreed that starting from next year the department’s financial assistance eligibility requirements will use the guidelines of the Household Food Poverty Line Income of RM1,198 compared to the current RM1,169,” he said.

He also said that Kad Sejahtera Perak programme, which aims to help the B40 group, will see an increase from RM90 to RM100 next year with an allocation of RM24 million.

Saarani added that the state will also continue the Bantuan Kotak Makanan programme with an allocation of RM5 million.

“We have also allocated RM820,000 to continue the Perak Government’s Mobile Shops in addition to various initiatives for the well-being of the people covering aspects of housing, entrepreneurship, empowerment of women, the elderly, the disabled and Orang Asli,” he said.

He said that the government further allocated RM393.4 million to implement development programs including building or improving infrastructure facilities and upgrading road infrastructure.

In line with the importance of science to improve the socioeconomic level of the people, Saarani said the education agenda will continue to be one of the priorities of the state government with the provision of RM202.4 million for human and youth capital development.

He also said that the state further allocated RM66.3 for environmental sustainability purposes and RM63.3 million for food supply security.

The sitting continues on Monday.