Perak To Offer Homes To Individuals Not Eligible For Housing Loans

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The Perak state government will offer houses to those earning a minimum fixed income, but are not eligible for a housing loan, said Perak Menteri Besar Datuk Saarani Mohamad.

He said that three entities – namely, Syarikat Perumahan Negara Bhd (SPNB), Perak Malay Contractors Association Malaysia (PKMM) and Perak Foundation – will collaborate to carry out the residential project under the Rumah Perakku Prihatin scheme, reported Malay Mail.

“It’s a good collaboration between these three entities. The state will give RM10 million to Perak Foundation and they will find the eligible applicants. The applicants should be between the B40 group and those with a fixed income group,” he said as quoted by Malay Mail.

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Saarani noted that individuals from such group are not entitled to free housing aid since they have fixed minimum income, but are not eligible to secure a housing loan from banks.

Individuals under this identified group can apply for housing with no interest through Perak Foundation.

“I thank SPNB for the collaboration with us. Usually whoever wants to apply for a housing project under SPNB needs to have a financier for example banks. So now the Perak Foundation will be the financier for the applicants,” he said.

Measuring 1,000 sq ft, the houses will feature three bedrooms and two bathrooms, shared Saarani, adding that applicants can choose from four models of houses.

“The applicant needs to borrow RM50,000 from Perak Foundation and they will be given an RM25,000 subsidy from SPNB,” he explained.

With the RM10 million given to Perak Foundation, over 200 housing units can be constructed under the Rumah Perakku Prihatin scheme, said Saarani, adding that they have tasked PKMM to help identify the contractor that could build the homes.

“In order to avoid problems of contractors running away halfway through the project, we have appointed PKMM to suggest to us well-performing contractors and monitor them,” he said.

“They have to identify the contractors. For example, if the project is at Kampar then the contractor has to be from the same district.”

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