People on TikTok Are Obsessing Over These Stained Glass Light Bulbs

Kelly Allen
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From House Beautiful

An incredibly easy way to change up home decor is to adjust simple lighting. An if you're looking for something unconventional, you're going to want to check out General Electric’s stained glass light bulbs, which are currently going viral on TikTok.

GE's Incandescent Stained Glass Light Bulbs are hand-painted and feature every basic color in the rainbow. When lit, the red, pink, blue, and yellow colors stand out the most. Design-obsessed TikTokers are using the light bulbs to dress up a whole range of lamps from table ones with semi-transparent shades to floor lamps with chandelier-like crystals.

The multicolored, 25-watt light bulbs each last for about “1.4 years based on three hours per day of use,” according to the product description. Some people on TikTok shared they’ve had these light bulbs for more than three years, and they’re still going strong. One person wrote they plan on using the bulb as some sort of home decor when it eventually dies. You can get a five-pack of the stained glass light bulbs for under $20 on Amazon. They’re also available in single packs at Target.

While these rainbow light bulbs don’t necessarily make adequate reading light, they create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, according to Amazon reviewers. If you’re in need of a warm ambiance to enhance your mood, they’ll surely do just that. Plus, it's a stellar option for anyone who's sensitive to bright light.

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