People rally around DoorDash driver who was removed from app after confronting customer

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People are rallying behind a DoorDash driver who was removed from the app, after he confronted a customer who falsely claimed he didn’t deliver her order.

In a video posted to TikTok earlier this month, the driver, who goes by the name Yung Tuci, shared a video of himself approaching a woman. According to Tuci, who is also a musician, the woman filed a complaint saying that her “DoorDash never arrived”, although he already delivered her order to the hospital she was working at.

He proceeded to film the hospital worker and asked her: “So you didn’t get the DoorDash order?” As the woman looked confused by the comment, she responded: “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Tuci continued to explain that he delivered the order and pointed at one of the woman’s co-workers, who allegedly saw the customer get her food. He recited the complaint that she apparently made on DoorDash, adding: “You said the order never arrived.”

She once again denied ever saying on the DoorDash app that her order didn’t arrive. However, Tuci then told her that the complaint was still there, and it was jeopardising his job.

“I got a contract violation,” he said. “I’m an independent contractor, so that puts my job at risk.”

According to DoorDash’s support page for its drivers, “one contract violation does not constitute grounds for deactivation. However, multiple never delivered violations could lead to deactivation”.

Throughout the video, he proceeded to tell the woman that his job was at risk and accused her of wanting “free food”. She denied that statement, before the driver told her that they had to get in touch with DoorDash about the complaint. At the end of the video, she confirmed that her order was delivered.

He explained how the situation ended in the caption of the clip, which has more than 30m views. “I had to end up telling her if she doesn’t call support before the end of the day and get the violation removed, her job’s on the line next,” he wrote.

In a follow-up video, Tuci said that he no longer had a contract violation on his account, noting that the woman removed the complaint she’d made about her not delivering her order.

In a statement to The Independent, a spokesperson for DoorDash noted that they do not tolerate any false claims made on this app. The spokesperson also confirmed that the contact violation was removed.

“All Dashers have the ability to dispute contract violations or deactivations,” the company said. “The Dasher disputed the customer’s claim and upon investigation, we removed the Dasher’s contract violation. We also removed the customer from our platform for fraudulent activity.”

In a third video posted to TikTok, Tuci revealed that he got an email for DoorDash, which said that his account had been deactivated.

To the Independent, a spokesperson for DoorDash confirmed that Tuci’s account was removed, noting that the company wouldn’t tolerate any form of “harassment”.

“While we empathise with the Dasher’s frustration around a customer falsely claiming the order was never delivered, it is never okay for any member of our community to harass, intimidate, or threaten another,” the spokesperson said. “As a consequence, we have also removed the Dasher from our platform.”

The statement concluded: “We never take the decision to deactivate lightly. We expect all members of our community – Dashers and customers alike – to follow our rules and we will not hesitate to enforce them fairly and consistently.”

In the comments of Tuci’s video about his account being deactivated, people have criticised DoorDash for its decision.

@doordash y’all wrong for this one,” one wrote, while another added: “@doordash do better.”

A third wrote: “Nah @doordash he was being way more patient than he probably should’ve been. Give this man his account back.”

Other people claimed that Tuci handled the customer’s false complaint in the right way and said that they wouldn’t be using DoorDash again after this.

@doordash needs to be cancelled if this is the way y’all treat your employees. He’s trying to prove his honesty in a calm manner!” one wrote.

“Deleted @doordash never again!!!” another wrote.

The Independent has contacted Tuci for comment.