People are having fun messing with Starfield's crazy physics

 Reddit users potato stash tumbling from the air lock in Starfield
Reddit users potato stash tumbling from the air lock in Starfield

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Starfield is the latest sci-fi RPG game from Bethesda that lets players explore a vast open world with many planets, each with their own physics and gravity. It goes without saying that a lot of budding space adventurers are having a blast in Starfield right now. The game features a powerful physics engine that allows players to interact with objects in the game world, such as picking them up, dropping them, throwing them, stacking them, or using them as weapons. However, some players are not satisfied with just following the main story or completing quests. They want to experiment and abuse the physics system. From potato avalanches to brutal zero-g murder, here are some of the craziest things people have been doing in Starfield.

1 potato, 2 potato, 3 potato, 20 thousand?

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It didn't take long in early release for a Reddit user to discover you could hoard pretty much anything in your ship's locker. Putting the game engine through it's paces, Moozipan managed to collect and hoard 20,000 potatoes in their storage, and the avalanche of carbs is hilarious. With a lack of cooking implements on board the player then proceeded to shut them back in the locker and blow them up.

What's more amazing is this impressive collection didn't crash their game, each potato is individually detailed with its own physics and they work with each other to create the tumbling effect. Let's just hope the captain of this ship isn't on the keto regime.

Abusing physics for maximum stealth

The stealth system in Starfield is pretty difficult at first, making it tricky to loot you way around the cosmos, but this player found a way to use physics to steal credits by manipulating objects in the game, mainly a bucket, to fill their pockets with space cash and get away with it.

Watch the sneaky clip here where the player seamlessly scoops credits from the table with one object into a bucket, and NPC aren't alerted as technically, the player isn't touching the stolen goods.

If you want to try this yourself on Xbox, just hold down A to move an item rather than picking it up.

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This ship is a total mess, but a cool mess

This player has taken hoarding to the extreme, and filled their ship with all sorts of junk and trinkets from their travels. It's more than just a mess though,it's a lot of fun. Watch this clip of them using gravity to displace the mess and each individual object float around, I feel sorry for whoever has to clean this up later.

Be careful where you leave a body

The physics in Starfield don't always work in the players favor, as user KireLord found out in this shoot out. In this clip, their battle ends in the bodies being scooped up by the ship door and flown away, loot never to be seen again. Lets hope neither of these people had any amazing weapons in their backpack!


Some of the funniest clips out of Starfield have been the executions, made more cartoonish by the combination of the game physics and oxygen packs meeting bullets. Here's a great example of where this enemy gets more than just a bullet to the gut, he gets a zero-g headache as he's slammed into the lockers.

We want more!

With the game just hitting the 1 million players mark combined across all platforms, we're sure there's more to discover and more bizarre clips to be shared. What's the most ridiculous thing you've seen in Starfield so far made possible by the Creation Engine? Or indeed have you any clips of your own adventures? Comment below or share with me on Twitter, I can't get enough of Bethesda high jinks.