People are getting copyright strikes for sharing Fallout TV show memes

 Fallout TV show.
Fallout TV show.

What you need to know

  • The Fallout TV show has been a whirlwind success for Bethesda and Amazon, and resulted in many memes being shared on social media.

  • Some people are receiving copyright strikes for sharing images from the show and not 'owning the right or license'.

  • This appears to only affect images of behind the scenes being shared.


The Fallout adaptation for TV is coming to Amazon Prime Video on April 10 at 6PM PT
The Fallout adaptation for TV is coming to Amazon Prime Video on April 10 at 6PM PT

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You can't go anywhere on social media right now without the Fallout TV show being mentioned, and it's not surprising, the viewing figures for Fallout are insane,  between April 12 - April 18 Fallout had 5 million views.

With those views comes more players for game, and of course more memes. Glorious memes, though it seems the folks over at Amazon don't approve of some of them, as today people are reporting being hit with copyright strikes in their inbox. One particular meme seems to be have been the target thus far, which is two pictures of Ella Purnell, who plays Lucy in the show, behind the scenes of the Fallout TV show. One image is of her with a goofy smile and thumbs up to the camera, the other in a bloodied and bedraggled state. People share these images next to each other as Happy Lucy vs Broken Lucy and some funny caption. Here's an example of my own before it also gets removed but I won't share the image here for obvious reasons.

Luckily, my tweet remains intact for now, but others haven't been so lucky, perhaps as in the case of a mutual Dreg; theirs had nearly 2 million impressions.

Image showing a meme removed on Twtter due to copyright
Image showing a meme removed on Twtter due to copyright

Following the removal, Dreg received an email to the same account their Twitter / X profile is registered with the following information:

Where is this infringement happening?


Description of original request:

The original work are BTS photos taken for continuity purposes for the Amazon Studios original production of Fallout.

Links to original work


Please provide URL(s) to the infringing material (e.g.,

Tweet URL, Periscope broadcast URL, Fleet 10, etc.):


Description of infringement:

> The user does not own any right or license in the BTS photos posted in the connected tweet. The tweet contains costume continuity used during production that have not been released publicly.

At the moment, the email received indicates Amazon purely has a concern with images shared from behind-the-scenes shots on the show, though it's not clear why. The shared images reflect the outfits Lucy wears in the show, from emerging fresh into the Wasteland to later in the season when she's a little worse for wear, and needs more than just a good laundering for her Vault suit.

Some have speculated it could be to prevent spoilers, but once a show has been dropped in its entirety as Fallout was, that ship has sailed — and banning memes seems akin to banning free advertising for the show. Not that they need it, but this could be a bad look. I now wait to see if my own paltry 500k impressions meme also gets removed, but if so, enjoy this one that has no behind-the-scenes footage.