Pentagon Officials Say US Has Evacuated 7,000 From Afghanistan Since Weekend

The Pentagon said on Thursday, August 19, that some 7,000 people had been evacuated from Afghanistan by American forces since August 14, as thousands more in the country struggled to arrange travel or reach Kabul’s US-controlled airport.

“Since the start of evacuation operations on August 14, we have airlifted approximately 7,000 total evacuees,” Army Maj Gen Hank Taylor said at a Department of Defense briefing on August 19. “This increase is reflective of both a ramp-up of aircraft and airlift capability, faster processing of evacuees, and greater information and fidelity in reporting.”

Taylor said that since the end of July, nearly 12,000 people had been evacuated from Afghanistan.

“That number includes American citizens, US embassy personnel, individuals designated by the State Department as SIV [special immigrant visa] applicants, and other evacuees,” Taylor said.

Taylor added that upwards of 5,200 troops were now present at Hamid Karzai International Airport to assist with evacuation efforts. Credit: Department of Defense via Storyful

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