Penguin Chick Born to Same-Sex Penguin Pair at Indianapolis Zoo

Two Gentoo penguin chicks were born before Christmas at Indiana’s Indianapolis Zoo, with one of the chicks born to a same-sex male pair, according to a press release issued by the zoo.

Footage shared by the zoo shows the chick with its two male parents.

“Same-sex pairings have also occurred with penguin species in the wild and in other zoos,” wrote the zoo in a press release. “Our two male birds became first-time dads when their chick hatched on December 15.”

“A female that’s actually paired with another penguin laid the egg and left it with the male couple, who have been caring for it ever since. Gentoo penguins co-parent their young, and just as a female-male pair would do, the two fathers have taken turns tending the nest, incubating the egg and now feeding the chick.” Credit: Indianapolis Zoo via Storyful