Pence hits Biden in op-ed ahead of State of the Union

Former Vice President Mike Pence is hitting President Biden in an opinion piece ahead of Biden’s 2024 State of the Union address Thursday evening.

In the op-ed published in The Washington Times, Pence wrote that after serving as vice president and a member of Congress, he was in attendance for three different presidents’ annual speeches, but tonight, he will watch Biden address the nation from home.

“[A]nd like many of my fellow citizens, I’ll be hoping against the odds that his words will be accompanied by meaningful action,” he wrote. “However, history has taught us to temper our optimism regarding this administration’s promise.”

Biden is set to address both chambers of Congress in a critical moment as he gears up to take on former President Trump in the general election this fall.

He has faced increasing backlash from Democrats on his handling of the war in the Middle East, and Republican lawmakers have already been asked to maintain decorum at the address after several heckled Biden during last year’s speech.

Pence criticized Biden for using the State of the Union to “sing from the Republican hymnal” when really he was “hiding the truth of his ultra-progressive” agenda.

The former vice president also slammed Biden for his 2022 remarks where he said he planned to address inflation. Pence argued that Biden promised to deal with the government’s budget deficit in 2023 but didn’t.

Pence wrote there is “no doubt” that Biden will talk about “the importance of securing the border” as he has in past addresses. He called on Biden to “reinstate the policies he cancelled, including the Remain in Mexico” policy and a “Title 42-like turnaway authority.”

“I urge him to move beyond empty promises and partisan posturing that have characterized his previous addresses,” he wrote. “The American people deserve more than just lofty rhetoric — they deserve deeds that match his words.”

“Like millions of Americans, I doubt this president can deliver — but for the sake of our country, I hope that he can,” he concluded.

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