'Pell Burn in Hell' Sign Drives by as Mourners Gather for Cardinal Pell Funeral

A car with a sign reading ‘Pell Burn in Hell’ drove by St Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney as mourners gathered for Cardinal George Pell’s funeral on February 2.

Footage by River McCrossen shows the car driving by and beeping as people line up outside the cathedral.

In the lead up to the funeral, hundreds of ribbons were tied to the railings outside the cathedral for victim-survivors of child sexual abuse.

A Royal Commission into Institutional Child Sexual Abuse found Pell knew of allegations of offending in the Ballarat diocese, Victoria, in the early 1970s, which Pell rejected.

According to the ABC, thousands of people were expected to attend Pell’s funeral, including former prime ministers Tony Abbott and John Howard.

However, several politicians and dignitaries were not expected to attend, including Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and New South Wales Premier Dominic Perrottet. Credit: River McCrossen via Storyful

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