Peekaboo! Halloween Pumpkins Reveal Furry Surprises in Toronto, Ontario

A posse of animals played a Halloween edition game of peekaboo, hidden in pumpkins in Toronto, Ontario.

Footage uploaded to Instagram by Hand on Exotics reveals an assortment of animals in pumpkins – including a bunny, an opossum, a skunk, and a hamster.

According to Hand on Exotics’s website, the organization “specializes in the care of exotic species and educating the public about animals.”

“We provide fun, positive hands-on presentations that help educate the public and dispel myths and fears about animals,” writes Hands on Exotics. “We believe that meeting and interacting with animals up-close in person enhances learning and fosters a great respect for wildlife.” Credit: @handsonexotics / @Panther445 via Storyful

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