Pedro Pascal has the best reaction to a Buffy throwback picture posted by Sarah Michelle Gellar

Pedro Pascal had the best reaction to a Buffy the Vampire Slayer throwback picture that Sarah Michelle Gellar posted on Instagram this week.

During the season three premiere of his Disney Plus series The Mandalorian in Los Angeles, the 47-year-old actor spoke about the time he guest starred on Gellar’s show.

Speaking of the throwback picture, Pascal told an Access Hollywood reporter: “What I just found out – that I am very excited about, and I can’t wait to get my phone back so that I can look it up myself – is that Sarah Michelle Gellar remembers me.

“I want her to know that I remember every moment of shooting that episode, as brief as it was. She was such a kind scene partner, and we had the best time.”

During the interview, Pascal was shown a photograph of himself from the 1999 episode.

“This is Eddie, and the episode is ‘The Freshman.’ It’s the Season 4 premiere,” Pascal said after looking at the picture. “It was a super big deal.”

Gellar replied to Pascal’s response to her throwback on her Instagram story on Wednesday (1 March).

“As if I could ever forget you,” she wrote. “I adore you.”

Earlier this week, Pascal admitted that he has little memory of the moment he was offered the lead role of Joel in the hit series The Last of Us.

Speaking about landing the role on The Graham Norton Show, Pascal said: “It is a bit hazy because I had stayed up very late meeting everyone and was very excited, so I took a sleeping tablet.

“When they called to offer me the part, I was so drowsy they had to repeat the offer.

“I then forgot that completely and when I woke up the following morning, I thought because of the time difference between London and LA, I would be waiting by the phone all day to hear if I got the job!”