Pedestrian barely dodges collision between two lorries on south Indian road

A pedestrian ran to save his life after narrowly avoiding two colliding lorries that both swerved out of control on a road in south India.

The incredibly lucky man was walking across the Potireddipally crossroad in Sangareddy district, Telangana, in the early hours of February 25.

Two speeding lorries came from opposite directions and were on course to collide. Both drivers made sharp turns in the same direction to desperately avoid the collision.

CCTV cameras at the traffic junction caught the dramatic moment the unidentified pedestrian, who was caught between the out-of-control lorries, ran for his life from both of the HGVs.

The lorries crashed into the pavement and stalled traffic for some time into the morning when they were removed. Sangareddy Police have charged both the drivers for rash and negligent driving.