Pea milk is the next plant-based alternative you might love

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You may have heard of soy milk, almond milk, or coconut milk, but have you ever heard of pea milk? The dairy-free product by Malaysian company Snappea has hit the shelves of upscale grocery stores such as Ben’s Independent Grocer.

Snappea’s milk is said to be made with 100% non-GMO Canadian peas, a rich source of protein. Since it launched in May, Snappea has introduced pea milk in other flavors like cane sugar and chocolate. They are also certified halal so our Muslim friends can enjoy.

But the taste of pea milk takes some getting used to, according to Snappea founder Justin Chan, who finds plant-based fans among his loyal customers.

“Many of our customers would come to us and tell us that they don’t like the taste of our pea milk because it doesn’t taste like cow’s milk at all,” he said, adding: “We are so used to the taste of cow’s milk so we think that that’s how all milk is supposed to taste.”

However, upon giving Snappea a second taste, plant-based dairy enthusiasts have become the brand’s “most loyal customers,” according to Chan.

The milk retails at RM14.90 (US$3.70) each.


Jaya Grocer, Village Grocer, Ben’s Independent Grocer, BMS Organics, or online.

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