Paw-don Me? Unimpressed Sheepadoodle Demands More Massages

A sheepadoodle that wanted to sit back and relax with a massage session at his Texas home was less-than-impressed every time his masseur (AKA his owner) took a break.

Footage shared by Rebecca Jankowitz on July 28 shows her husband Chris using a massage gun on their dog Domino, an almost four-year-old sheepdog and poodle mix.

Every time Chris stops using the gun on Domino, the dog hilariously kicks up a fuss and demands more.

“He has absolutely loved the massage gun since my husband first got it. We use it on him almost daily and he throws a fit every time my husband uses it on himself or turns it off,” Jankowitz told Stoyful. Credit: Rebecca Jankowitz via Storyful

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