Pauly D Swapped the Tan in His 'GTL' Routine for Toner — All About His New Skincare Partnership (Exclusive)

The DJ and former Jersey Shore star breaks down his skincare routine as he fronts a new campaign for Thayers' Blemish Clearing Toner

<p>Ethan Haddox</p> Pauly D shows off his new collaboration with skincare line Thayers

Ethan Haddox

Pauly D shows off his new collaboration with skincare line Thayers

Fifteen years ago, Paul 'DJ Pauly D' DelVecchio was all about that gym, tan, laundry.

But now that he's a dad, in his early 40s, and on airplanes all the time, he's all about that skincare — more specifically, 'gym, tone, laundry.'

That's why the former Jersey Shore star, 43, collaborated on a new campaign for Thayers Blemish Clearing Toner, telling PEOPLE, "If you stay consistent with that routine, the sky's the limit...but you have to take care of the skin."

DelVecchio starts his daily regimen with a cleanser, followed by the blemish toner and then moisturizer.

"It's like brushing my teeth," he says of using toner. "Take care of the skin and it takes care of you. That's why I look the same after all these years."

He adds of teaming with the "legendary" company: "hey've been around for about 175 years, and I've been using witch hazel toner my whole life."

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DelVecchio takes pride in his appearance, telling PEOPLE with a laugh, "I'm aging pretty well, thank the Lord!"

"But skincare is so important for me, and it always has been," he adds. "People see me with my hair done up, my fresh outfit on, but they don't realize I have a whole skincare routine."

Of course, he's also still hitting that gym. "Gym and fitness is a way of life for me," he tells PEOPLE. "It's my everything. And I also drink a ton of water throughout the day. I also try to eat healthy during the week, but on weekends I'll have a cheat day because I love my sweet stuff."

<p>Thayers</p> Pauly D's fave Thayers Blemish Clearing Toner


Pauly D's fave Thayers Blemish Clearing Toner

And as it turns out, he's not the only one in his family who is into products.

<p>Amanda Lynn Instagram</p> Pauly D, Nikki Hall, Amabella DelVecchio, and Amanda Lynn

Amanda Lynn Instagram

Pauly D, Nikki Hall, Amabella DelVecchio, and Amanda Lynn

"My daughter is obsessed with skincare!" he says, of his daughter Amabella DelVecchio, who just turned 11.

"Her Easter basket this year was all products — just this big Sephora basket," he says. "When I was her age, I didn't know what any of that stuff was. But normally they want candy at this age, so if she want skincare stuff, that's all good with me!"

Last summer, he opened up about his daughter, saying that he loves spoiling her, but that she's still a chill kid,

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“She's Daddy’s little girl,” he told PEOPLE. “She gets whatever she wants, but does not act spoiled!"

He says that over the past Christmas, he did get her an iPhone so that they could stay in touch while he's on the road.

"It's great because I can speak with her all the time," he says. "She has rules with it though. She has to get good grades or she gets it taken away. And she's not allowed to have TikTok! She's too young. But she does the Kids YouTube and does all the dances and stuff anyway."

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