Paul Walter Hauser Slams Vin Diesel Comparison: 'I Like To Think I'm On Time And Approachable'

Paul Walter Hauser threw some shade at fellow actor Vin Diesel after being compared to him in an interview.

While recently speaking to Cinemablend, the “Inside Out 2” star, 37, slammed the “Fast & Furious” actor, 56, after the interviewer liked his character of Embarrassment in the Disney animated film to Diesel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” character, Groot.

“You’re like Vin Diesel now,” the interviewer commented, leaving Hauser less than flattered.

“Please don’t say that,” he replied in the clip the outlet posted Tuesday. “I like to think I’m on time. And approachable.”

Hauser continued, “I love people, but when I hear stories about Hollywood actors who get paid really well and mistreat people, I out them constantly. And it’s a blast.”

HuffPost has reached out to Diesel’s reps for comment.

While the “Blackbird” actor didn’t go into detail, reports have circulated for years of behind-the-scenes drama between “Fast & Furious” franchise co-stars Diesel and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson over Diesel’s alleged unprofessional behavior.

The beef seemingly kicked off after Johnson shut down some of his “Fast 8” male co-stars for not acting like “true professionals” and for being “chicken shit and “candy asses” in a 2016 Instagram post.

Johnson didn’t disclose any names, but a source told Entertainment Tonight at the time that there was a rift between cast and crew members because of Diesel’s punctuality issues.

“There were several times Vin was late to set and it really started pissing Dwayne and other cast and crew off,” the source told ET. “Dwayne was always on time for shooting. It was Vin who would often show up when he felt like showing up. Dwayne is the complete opposite.”

“At the end of production Dwayne was really over Vin’s bullshit,” the insider added.