Paul Skenes is getting close, Clayton Kershaw biography author Andy McCullough interview

Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw is one of the most accomplished MLB players of this generation and now, we have a comprehensive biography detailing the backstory of what made him the future hall of famer that he is.

Jake Mintz & Jordan Shusterman are joined by senior writer of The Athletic and author of The Last of His Kind: Clayton Kershaw and the Burden of Greatness to discuss the biography about the All-Star lefty pitcher. In their discussion, the guys get into why Andy chose to focus on Kershaw, the mindset that the lefty needed to pivot his modest high school career into greatness in the bigs and how he has dealt with and overcome his postseason failures.

Also on this episode of the Baseball Bar-B-Cast, Jordan talks about seeing Paul Sekens pitch in person in Indiana as he gets closer to his inevitable call-up by the Pittsburgh Pirates. And, the guys discuss why it’s taking the Buccos so long to call-up Skenes, who is clearly ready for the big time.

The guys also briefly touch on the Los Angeles Angels losing Mike Trout for a significant period of time after it was reported he will undergo surgery for his torn meniscus.

2:31 - Paul Sekens call-up is inevitable

11:57 - Watching Skenes in Indiana

18:43 - Andy McCullough joins the show

27:10 - How Clayton Kershaw deals with pressure

32:02 - Kershaw’s playoff failures

42:21 - Where are we at with Kershaw now?

49:30 - Kershaw finally winning a World Series

54:52 - Andy on the process of writing the biography

1:03:48 - Mike Trout needs surgery

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

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