Paul Mescal says a drunk 'famous actor' fell asleep and loudly snored through “A” “Streetcar Named Desire ”performance

Paul Mescal says a drunk 'famous actor' fell asleep and loudly snored through “A” “Streetcar Named Desire ”performance

The 'Aftersun' star said that the unnamed actor was "fully comatose" and that an usher had to tell him, "'Excuse me sir, you can’t be snoring.'"

Not even Paul Mescal shouting “STELLA” could’ve woken up the drunk “famous actor” who he says fell asleep and began loudly snoring during an early performance of A Streetcar Named Desire

The BAFTA winner, who starred on stage as Stanley Kowalski in both recent London productions, refused to name the actor who caused the sleeping snafu. He recounted the moment while visiting Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday and noted that their snoring got so out of hand that an usher had to intervene.

“The first theater we did it in was a lot more intimate and I think we had some inebriated audience members,” he told host Jimmy Kimmel. “We had one guy who’s actually kind of a famous actor — I will not name his name — but he fell asleep and was snoring, like fully comatose.”

When a theater attendant woke up the actor, Mescal said that the man denied ever being asleep in the first place. “The ushers came in and were like, ‘Excuse me, sir, you can’t be snoring.’ And he woke up and refused to acknowledge it was him,” he said. “He was fully like, ‘it’s this guy beside me,’ and it was this famous actor.”

When Kimmel asked if the snoozer was Benedict Cumberbatch or Judi Dench, Mescal confirmed it wasn’t either of the actors mentioned.

“Was it Peppa Pig?” Kimmel asked. Mescal jokingly replied, “Yes, it was.”

<p>Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube</p> Paul Mescal

Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

Paul Mescal

The Gladiator 2 actor did admit, however, that he wasn’t nearly as entertained by the situation unfolding in the audience during the performance. “I was furious,” he said. “I didn’t know who it was. You’re in the dark and I couldn’t see who it was.”

When Kimmel noted that he hoped it was at least "an old person" who had fallen asleep, Mescal replied, "No, he was young. It narrows it down a bit."

The host joked, “Now there’s going to be an online mystery game trying to figure out who this person is.”

Watch Mescal talk about the incident in the clip above.

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