Patti LaBelle Says She Was Once Mooned By A Fan Who Joined Her On Stage

Patti LaBelle does not tolerate any reckless behavior at her shows — no ifs, ands or buttsabout it.

During an appearance on Wednesday’s episode of “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” the music icon revealed that she was once mooned by a fan she brought on stage during a performance.

LaBelle explained that she typically invites fans on stage when she performs her 1974 classic “Lady Marmalade.” The singer didn’t specify when the disrobing incident took place, but she said the concertgoer in question joined her on stage and nearly bared it all.

“So this guy came up and he was all cute and sweet and everything, and he came close to me, and he turned around and pulled his pants down,” she said. “I kicked his butt.”

“But my security did it better,” she continued. “They took him in the back and they did what they had to do.”

“He mooned me!” she added.

The “On My Own” singer, who is working on a new album titled “8065,” is currently on tour.

The title of her new record is a twofold reference to the fact that she turned 80 this year and that she’s been in show business for 65 years.

LaBelle celebrated her 80th birthday at a surprise party in her honor in New York City last week.

She told People magazine that seeing so many people come out to mark her milestone birthday brought her to tears.

“Everybody in the industry that I know were here, and I had a lot of tears,” she said. “But I had to keep on my lashes, so I couldn’t cry too much.”