Patrick and Brittany Mahomes gift daughter Sterling a Chanel purse for her second birthday

Patrick Mahomes and his wife, Brittany, celebrated their two-year-old daughter’s birthday with a brand-new accessory, as they gifted the toddler a mini Chanel bag.

The 27-year-old personal trainer took to her Instagram Stories on Monday to share a video of her daughter, Sterling, receiving the gift while she sat on her father’s lap. In the video, the toddler proceeded to open the black Chanel gift box, which was tied with a white bow, before her mother asked her what she got.

“Did you get a new purse?” Brittany asked in the since-expired Instagram Story, shared by the DailyMail. “Let me see what it looks like. Do you love it?”

Sterling then grabbed the gold chain attached to the black quilted purse with pale pink lining.

Brittany proceeded to express her excitement over the gift, adding: “Isn’t it Sterling’s purse? Can you say Sterling’s purse?”

In response, the two-year-old pointed to the bag as she continued to sit next to her father and eat a snack in her hand. She then put the handle of the purse around her wrist, prompting laughter from her mother.

On social media, the extravagant gift sparked mixed reactions from fans of the couple, with some questioning why the parents splurged on a handbag for the two year old.

“Okay I understand rich people have no concept of money and can afford all this stuff but why? She’s two! A baby doll would have sufficed,” one person tweeted, while another said: “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Ridiculous.”

One day before she turned two, Patrick and Brittany shared a video of their daughter’s birthday party in a joint Instagram post. The celebration was dessert-themed and included a donut-theme ball pit and cake made out of glazed donut-holes, decorated with a large pink number two.

The event also had a white and pink bounce house and balloons, along with a sign that featured the theme of the party, which read: “Sterling’s Two Sweet.”

On Monday, Brittany also shared an Instagram post that included a photo of her, Patrick, and their daughter at the party, along with a sweet caption.

“My baby girl is a whole two years old!” she wrote. “I can’t even believe it. These have been some of the best years of my life being your mama Sterling Skye! You make every day a good day!”

The birthday bash comes two weeks after Patrick celebrated his Super Bowl win with his family by his side. At the end of the game, Brittany and Sterling rushed onto the field to hug the football star, with one picture showing Patrick exchanging a kiss with his wife, while another showed him holding his daughter in his arms.

Along with Sterling, Brittany brought her and Patrick’s two-month-old son, Bronze, to the big game. Leading up to the Super Bowl on 12 February, the mother of two discussed the challenges that came with caring for her children at the sports event.

“The biggest challenge was packing all their stuff and making sure we had everything we needed for them for a week,” she told USAToday. “Two kids is a lot of luggage and so stressful, making sure you don’t forget anything.”

However, she still confessed that there was no choice but to bring both of her children to the Super Bowl, adding: “This is an amazing accomplishment for Patrick, and we knew we wanted both kids there to witness it and support their dad! Overwhelming, maybe, but that’s pretty normal for our life in general! He wants his kiddos with him as much as they can be!”